Angel Best Care

Frequently Ask Questions

We conduct a thorough screening process to verify our caregivers’ background and certifications before we choose to hire them.

There is no problem if one caregiver falls sick as we would arrange another caregiver in place of him or her to reach you immediately. We have many caregivers in our team.

You don’t need to pay the caregiver anything directly since our company will manage all of the payments for you. We will even manage your insurance claims, taxes, and other administrative tasks.

Majority of our clients are seniors, but we are happy to serve everyone who needs personal care and health aide assistance in their home. No matter if you are a senior, a mother who has just given birth or an adult who is ill; if you are unable to look after yourself, we are there to assist you. Our home care service is for everybody who needs it.

If you need medical-related care or health aide service, then you need a certified caregiver. If you only need home care assistance in housekeeping, transportation, cooking or gardening, you don’t need a certified caregiver.

Yes, of course. If you have other appointments, you can give us a call to change your schedule. We will make suitable arrangements to meet your schedule and needs with no hassle.

If you go through an agency, you may end up paying a little extra money, but that is entirely worth it. The agency will make sure you get the best care service from a highly qualified professional with a verified background.

On the other hand, if you choose to hire the caregiver privately, you may pay less, but you may not get the best care service because there is no guarantee about the background, qualification or experience of the caregiver. You are free to choose what you need.

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